We value our patients’ experience at Koelling Family Chiropractic. We want to hear your success story!! Please contact the doctors or front desk for a form or just email your success to us at front@drbryce.com .


“I’d been hurting for years, and never gotten any help from any other chiropractor I went to see. Many of them tried lots of different things, which felt good for awhile, but nothing lasted. After just a few visits at Koelling Family Chiropractic, I was feeling long lasting results! The pain in my neck and arm that had kept me up at night were no longer.  I learned that the Gonstead System of chiropractic Dr. Bryce and Dr. Vaughn have specialized in helps lots of people fix their problem, not just help a little. It’s been 10 years since that first visit, and I’ve never had the problem again!! I choose maintenance visits to keep things working better, and I’ve also noticed my allergies don’t bother me anymore. I don’t even take over the counter medicine in the spring! This is awesome! Thanks so much for helping my life improve so much.”  — M.C.


“I had low back pain and found out that I had a herniated disc in my low back. I asked around and a lot of people told me to go see Dr. Bryce for help. The medical doctor had told me that surgery was my only option for a herniated disc. The surgeon assured me if I didn’t get surgery, I’d be in a wheelchair in a few months and not able to work again. Thank goodness I chose chiropractic. In about 6 visits I was about 75% better, and in 2 months I was completely pain free.  I’d spent about $450 at that point on my health recovery using chiropractic. I had checked on the surgery, and it was going to be about $60,000 with 6 months of rehab and recovery before I could work again. I can’t even add up the costs of not working. I missed 4 days of work the first week starting chiropractic. I’m so glad I listened to my friends to get help at Koelling Family Chiropratic. Thank you for saving my back.” — J.R.


“When I heard my baby cry all night long I didn’t know what was wrong. The pediatrician told me the next day my baby girl who was only 2 months old had an ear infection. I didn’t know any better so I followed the medical doctor’s prescription of antibiotics. It seemed to help, but the next month it happened again. It happened 4 times before my baby girl was one year old. Then the pediatrician sent me to an ENT and that doctor said my only option was to put tubes in my baby’s ears to drain the infection. When I read the waiver for surgery, it said that if the surgery didn’t go as expected my baby could be deaf or even worse die from surgery!! I couldn’t sign the waiver and I left crying not knowing what to do.  I started to research things more and found out the American Pediatrics Association doesn’t even recommend giving kids antibiotics for ear infections for the first 6 months after the first episode. How come my pediatrician did this if it’s not recommended? I recently even read several research studies that have been published by the American Medical Association and reported by CNN and NBC, and other places that antibiotics are not effective and cause further harm later in life. Well, anyway, my mom told me she saw some information at Dr. Bryce’s office about ear infections and kids so I thought I’d ask. When I went in the first time everyone seemed glad I was there. Dr. Bryce told me he had 4 kids of his and they all were chiropractic patients since they were born and he knew what to do. This made me feel at ease. I don’t even think my pediatrician has any kids of her own. He said we’d know in a few visits if things were going to work out well. My baby was now about 14 months old and another ear infection was starting. She was fussing and pulling on her ear, had goop in her eyes, and runny nose. We started care that day, and that night she was not up crying like usual. We went back about 2 days later for another visit and after about 4 visits in 3 weeks, she’s never had another ear infection! Our entire family goes in about once a month for maintenance and my other kids have gotten off of their asthma medication, reflux medication, and one stopped wetting the bed! This is so cool to think that they can grow up not being drugged up for symptoms. This has changed our whole family’s life. Thanks so much. I’ve told so many people how much better we are.” — J.S.


“Chiropractic makes me feel happy and good.” — J.L. (age 6)


“I’d suffered from migraine headaches all my adult life, just like my mom and grandmother. They told me it was genetic and just our family thing to deal with. In fact, I had to drop out of college because I couldn’t focus and study.  When I heard chiropractic might help, I felt I might as well try it out. Dr. Vaughn and Dr. Bryce have helped so much. Now I get a headache about 2 days every 3 months!! This sure beats 3 days a week, and missing on average 10 days of work or school a month. Now I’ve gone back to school and I can fulfill my life’s purpose as a teacher.  I followed their recommendations and it worked! Thank you for bringing Gonstead chiropractic to mid-Missouri.” — A.W.


“My feet were numb after old sporting injuries. After about 6 weeks of chiropractic care at Koelling Family Chiropractic, I can feel my feet again. This is good stuff. The medical doctors told me it was arthritis and I’d just have to live with it. Glad I didn’t listen to them.” — B.D.


“When I was growing up my dad told me chiropractors were quacks. His medical doctor told him never to go see a chiropractor, even though he was always in pain. As an adult I thought of this when I started hurting in my hips and knees. My friend at work said that he had gotten better after going to see these doctors about 2 months. I told him they were quacks and I wouldn’t go. He looked at me and said ‘if they’re quacks then I’m a quack because I AM BETTER!’ I thought about this a couple of days and decided I was acting foolish. I called them and they got me in that day, and after about 7 visits my knees felt some better, and after about 12 visits I’ve never had hip or knee pain again. Now monthly maintenance keeps me going, because I climb electrical poles every day and tear myself up…they help put me back together.” — D.T.